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The Flash #192

Posted: Sunday, December 8, 2002
By: Ray Tate

Writers: Geoff Johns
Artists: Scott Kollins(p), Doug Hazelwood(i), James Sinclair(c)
Publisher: DC

Gorilla Grodd gets a serious makeover in The Flash. I'm of two minds on the changes. On the one hemisphere, Grodd uses his phenomenal mental powers. This aspect makes the issue better than the previous issue reintroducing Grodd to the Flash universe. That previous issue made him look like an average mad simian. On the other hemisphere, his scientific genius is sadly neglected. Johns essentially is making Grodd a kind freak ape militant whose skill is in strategy. I further have to question why Grodd is incarcerated in Iron Heights. Does Gorilla City no longer exist in the post-Crisis universe?

The inmates of Iron Heights are mostly familiar faces, but too much I believe is being made of this prison. It merely seems like a poor graft of Arkham Asylum. In the good old days, a prison was a prison where criminals broke out or were seen--often with some kind of power dampeners--serving their sentence. Naming prisons and centering the issue on such prisons just seems to glamorize a penal system that is just as useless as the old, nondescript ones from the pre-Crisis. I also question why the inmates are allowed to wear their own costumes.

Scenes of the Flash in action impress largely because of Scott Kollins. He seems born to draw the Fastest Man Alive and exhibits great comfort with the speed effects. Less impressive is the single domestic scene. The scene between Wally and Linda looks artificial and feels planted rather than evolved from the story. There's no build-up leading to the scene, and Mr. Kollins' anatomy seems to have lapsed somewhere. Incidentally where are Linda's nipples? We get a bird's-eye view of her naked breasts, but both are missing nipples. This confuses me. Breasts are all right in an "all ages book" but not nipples? Wally has nipples. Where did Linda's nipples go? If you're going to show uncovered breasts, it's a little ridiculous not to show the nipples.

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