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Tim Vigil’s Webwitch #1

Posted: Monday, December 9, 2002
By: Paul Dale Roberts

Writer/Artist: Tim Vigil
Publisher: Avatar

Spectacular thrills can be found in Web Witch #1! Web Witch is on a ledge and the Special Forces have her pinned. Captain Walters of this elite military team wants her alive! Web Witch jumps on a military chopper and causes the chopper to crash into a building. One pilot loses his intestines as the Web Witch rips his stomach open with her sharp claws!

When the elite military team finally do capture the Web Witch, it's time for experiments. They discover that she has an extra lobe in her brain. This lobe provides telepathic communication with the Queen of the SpiderNation and the weblings that she has birthed. The Queen and the Weblings are all beautiful..but, they are all very deadly! The female weblings must breed and must mate with any living man that they come across!

Added note that Tim Vigil is an outstanding writer, but also a very incredible artist! You will be stunned by Tim's masterful artistic craftmanship!

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