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Shi #1

Posted: Monday, December 9, 2002
By: Paul Dale Roberts

Writer: Billy Tucci & J.C. Vaughn
Artist: Karl Waller

Publisher: Avatar

There is one beheading..but, it was enough to put a lump in my throat in this realistically powerful story! Realistic in a historical content, realistic in the authentic looking costumes that the characters wear. Billy Tucci does some great research when laying out his story in Shi.

Some of the words leave an impact with the reader. The words that got to me is when it is said to this effect that ‘there is killing of your fellow man, because he doesn’t believe in Christ the same was as you do’. Isn’t this so true? Words that kind of reflect upon the 9/11 incident and the differences in religions from Muslim to Christianity to the Jewish belief system. Faiths that are different, but believe in the same lord. Enough differences to spawn terrorism and war. Billy Tucci & J.C. Vaughn leave haunting words for the reader.

Slight humor as Yuri keeps being teased that she fights like a girl. But, let me tell you this girl can fight better than most male warriors. I could hear that Rocky movie theme song ‘Eye of the Tiger’ as it is mentioned that Yuri must fight like the Tiger of Death! Pure adrenalin rush! Pure excitement!

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