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Shi #2

Posted: Tuesday, December 10, 2002
By: Paul Dale Roberts

Writer: Billy Tucci & J.C. Vaughn
Artist: Karl Waller

Publisher: Avatar

Learn the way of the warrior through the eyes of the very enchanting and beautiful Yuri Ishikawa! Everything in this exciting story happens in the year 1614. The Shogun Ieyasu go up against the Christians of Japan and it’s a war that is unimaginable.

It can only be shown in this colorful and very artistic comic book! Karl Waller has a great way of depicting characters in intense action. Bring out the samurai swords, get ready for some bloodshed, the price will be brutally heavy in Shi #2! For the price of freedom, an entire village will be destroyed! The scratched body of Yuri still prevails in this onslaught of death!

Shi #2 will have you gyrating in your seat, as you will receive some shocking images that will give you a jolt right up the spinal cord!

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