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Steven Grant’s Mortal Souls #2

Posted: Tuesday, December 10, 2002
By: Paul Dale Roberts

Writer: Steven Grant
Artist: Phil Xavier

Publisher: Avatar

Listen to Sharpe who is gifted or cursed in seeing the Qelipoth tell his confession to a priest. A confession that is beyond bizarre. Sharpe can see the Qelipoth which is a Jewish Kaballah word which means a body that outlives its spirit, or simply said 'husks of the dead'.

Yep, were talking zombie like creatures and Sharpe with the help of his female angelic friend hunts them down. In this exciting issue Sharpe heads off to a strip club and sees a Qelipoth heat up a dollar coin to give to a stripper so she will be burned. Sharpe makes mince meat out of this zombie.

What is interesting is to learn that Qelipoth are afraid of dogs. Why? Because dogs love bones and rotten meat and that is exactly what Qelipoth are, not to mention the maggots! Superb details are shown in the artwork!

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