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Warren Ellis’s Strange Killings #1

Posted: Wednesday, December 11, 2002
By: Paul Dale Roberts

Creative Force: Warren Ellis, Mike Wolfer
Publisher: Avatar

Killings on the open sea, the probe on Strother’s murder and a trench coat wearing suspect was seen. Bill Gravel, our trench coat wearing suspect is quite smart in his tactics and sets off to wear other clothing after listening to the news report.

What is interesting is how he checks on his various money accounts and listens to the transactions being made after completion of his jobs? What was shocking was seeing Mayor Fredrick B. Irons of New York get assassinated in such a cold, callous brutal way. Bill Gravel recognizes the assassination team as his old S.A.S. team.

Everyone is hooping and hollering about the new James Bond movie…but, they haven’t seen anything yet until they pick up the latest Strange Killings. The readers who want gunfire and action will find it here.

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