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Warren Ellis’s Strange Killings - The Body Orchard #2

Posted: Thursday, December 12, 2002
By: Paul Dale Roberts

Writer: Warren Ellis
Artist: Mike Wolfer

Publisher: Avatar

The cops are after the killing machine known simply as Sergeant Major. Sergeant Major is holed up in a building and there is tremendous gunfire. Yep, cops get killed and wounded.

After the hail storm of gunfire we have 23 dead and one of them is Mayor Irons. This includes 9 dead NY cops with 17 wounded. Sergeant Major is one bad dude and after this melee, he awaits for an extraction team to get him out.

You will think you are watching The Terminator as Sergeant Major breaks through several walls and jumps from an incredible height from the building he is holed up in. If you want action, it's all here!

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