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Uncanny X-Men #416

Posted: Thursday, December 12, 2002
By: Michael Deeley

Writer: Chuck Austen
Artist: Kia Asamiya

Publisher: Marvel

Another all-taking, low action issue as Juggernaut revisits his old home and Stacy X picks up some personal stuff from the X-Ranch.

This issue has been getting a lot of hype from Marvel. Every comic published in the last month had a 3-page preview of this book. Asamiya did the covers for issues 414 and 415, and none of the interior art. Marvel must really love this woman. Literally. You know how guys will do anything for a pretty face? Well, I think Asamiya has got Quesada, Jemas, X-Editor Mike Marts, and lord knows who else wrapped around her finger. These guys must be falling over each other just to get her phone number. It has to be lust, ‘cause it sure ain’t her art.

Don’t get me wrong; Asamiya’s clearly a talented artist. Her Japanese style is markedly different from the traditional big-eyed anime/manga art we’re used to seeing here in the States. There’s great inking, fine details, and a quiet subtlety to the way she draws people. Unfortunately, there are a few faults. The women look alike. Except for their ears, Annie and Stacy look almost exactly alike. And they both look “elfin”. I mean “Final Fantasy VII” elfin. Men’s noses seem to be a problem for Kia, as every man’s nose seems too large or two wide for his face. Maybe it’s just me; maybe I’m not used to this art style yet. I’ll let you know if there are any changes over the next few months.

Austen must also share some of the blame for this mediocre issue. Yes, it’s another good story, yes there’s insightful characterization, and yes it’s an important and natural change for the Juggernaut. BUT THERE’S NO VIOLENCE! We’ve only had one fight in three issues! ONE! And that was Northstar vs. a mudman in #415. I’m all for smarter, more mature comics, but a superhero book without a fight is an Oreo without cream.

If you haven’t been reading ‘Uncanny X-Men’, pick up the next issue. It should have a fight scene and a new team member. I still like Austen’s work, and Asamiya’s could grow on me. But I read ‘Uncanny’ for a more traditional type of comic book, and that means action. Let’s pick up the pace people!

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