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Global Frequency #1

Posted: Friday, December 13, 2002
By: Page45

Writer: Warren Ellis
Artist: Garry Leach

Publisher: DC Vertigo

There are one thousand and one people on the Global Frequency, and any of them could be standing right next to you in a bar, on the plane, or at the top of the Arc de Triomphe. You could even be in bed with one, and you wouldn't have a clue. Just make sure that if they pick up the phone, you run like hell, because if they slip that jacket on it means that something has gone terribly wrong, and is about to grow a damn sight worse.

Miranda Zero formed the world's biggest open secret, an eclectic pool of state-of-their-art specialists, to deal with the legacy of this planet's most lethal 20th Century experiments. Many of them remain, lying dormant, unimaginable accidents waiting to happen. She then erased all records of her existence, and put everyone on hold until the the moment they're needed. Now there's a man with his head on fire, careering through the streets of San Francisco, opening a wormhole between the U.S. and Stepnogorsk in Russia, where there's a nuclear, contact-trigger warhead waiting to be detonated.

Within the next half-hour Miranda Zero must find out who this man is, how he became such a powerful apport, and how they're supposed to abort a method of deployment that's so far past conventional there's absolutely no form of national defence. Ellis and Leach launch this series of twelve self-contained nightmares with an hour-long blockbuster compressed into five blistering minutes of desperate, cellular reconnaissance and frenetic, on-the-ground countermeasures. And he's spiked it with sci-fi concepts sharp enough that most film makers would have excised them immediately, for fear of baffling the public.

What little time there is for exposition is both subtly hidden and perfectly timed, delivered in minimal short-hand. So grab yourself a new contract, and sign up to the Global Frequency. More of what you'll want, less of what you won't.

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