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Catwoman #14

Posted: Sunday, December 29, 2002
By: Jason Cornwell

Writer: Ed Brubaker
Pencils: Cameron Stewart
Inks: Mike Manley
Colors: Matt Hollingsworth
Letters: Sean Konot
Publisher: D.C. Comics

As the vicious crime boss Black Mask targets her friends and family, we see Catwoman's attention is being diverted by her investigation into the East End Center bombing.

An absolutely wonderful issue, as Ed Brubaker has crafted a story that is high on suspense, and there are several moments in this issue where I was truly surprised at how intense this material had become. This issue nicely cements this title as my favorite monthly series coming out of DC, as month after month this book continues to surprise me with it ability to grab my full attention. The current situation involving the Black Mask is a great example, as the reader actually knows that the danger is far greater than Selina looks to be prepared to face. The guest-appearance by another member of Batman's rogues gallery was also a welcome scene. As for the art, Cameron Stewart has picked up the unique visual style that made the early issues of this book so refreshing, and he's also proving to be a masterful storyteller, as the scene where a supporting cast member of this book is run down was a truly riveting sequence.

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