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Gotham Central #2

Posted: Tuesday, December 31, 2002
By: Jason Cornwell

Writers: Ed Brubaker & Greg Rucka
Art: Michael Lark

Publisher: D.C. Comics

As the members of the GCPD scramble to discover the target of Freeze's big attack, we see they also concede to the idea that they're going to need help taking down this villain.

To tell the truth this issue does have me a bit concerned, as after the first issue did such a nice job of establishing a reason why the detectives would want to handle this case without Batman becoming involved, this issue completely undermines this idea by making Batman into a super-weapon that is used when things get too tough for the GCPD to handle. It also didn't help that the detective work used to crack the case wasn't exceptionally clever, or even all that enjoyable as a simple police procedural, so the quick finish delivered by Batman becomes even more disappointing. Still I will give the book credit for some nice little moments, such as the fun conversation that the cast have about Batman's status as an urban legend while they are busy activating the Bat-signal. As for the art, Michael Lark’s style lends a nice sense of realism to the material, as the detectives look like ordinary people, which nicely reinforces the danger they face when the more fantastic elements like Freeze enter the scene.

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