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Scion #32

Posted: Monday, January 27, 2003
By: Jason Cornwell

Creative Force: Ron Marz, Jim Cheung, Don Hillsman II, Jason Keith
Publisher: CGE

What a dramatic way to start off Scion #32 as Kai and Ylena start the story off with Ylena telling Kai that Bron is alive! Absolutely loved the scene shift to Ethan and Ashley in the beautiful city of Tigris. Jim Cheung again proves that his artwork is majestic as this city comes to life in the pages of Scion. Do the Herons know what they are doing? How can they ever have peace with the Ravens with Bron back on the throne? Is there another threat on the horizon? Will Tigris really be that new threat for the Heron kingdom and Raven kingdom? With Tigris’ technology their potential threat is ominous. Tigris reminds me a lot like Atlantis in beauty and technology. When Ethan and Ashley met up with the Khanate Mhinda in Tigress, it seemed like everything would be okay. Especially knowing that the people of Tigress respect the lesser races as equals and do not believe in slavery of the lesser races. But, what is this? Tigress wants to conquer both kingdoms of Heron and Raven? They want to control these two powerful dynasties and extend their belief upon them? Are the people of Tigress nothing more than androids? The attack on Ethan and Ashley was ruthless, what an amazing cliffhanger!

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