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Route 666 #8

Posted: Monday, February 3, 2003
By: Paul Dale Roberts

Creative Force: Tony Bedard, Karl Moline, John Dell, Nick Bell
Publisher: CGE

Yikes! Cassandra Starkweather is under custody (but not for long). We’re talking about the very capable Cassandra! To think that the NBI wants to take her to a Psych facility. A facility in which they would have probably tortured her and conducted experiments on her. Braathwaate is one weird demon, a very original concept created and drawn by Karl Moline. Very well done.

I liked it when Braathwaate did the ‘Hulk’ bit by lifting a car and slamming it down. I was a bit shocked when this great fierce demon succumbs to a terrifying female demon that rips his tongue out. That was pretty grotesque, but done in such a way, I didn’t lose my lunch. I had a big laugh watching Melchior in the restroom using spray to hide the odor and then I thought it was some kind of ‘crap’ monster that came out of the toilet, but in reality, this monster is made of many bugs. When Cisco fires on the monster, all heck broke out!

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