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The First #28

Posted: Thursday, February 6, 2003
By: Paul Dale Roberts

Creative Force: Barbara Kesel, Andy Smith, Rob Hunter, Sumi Pak
Publisher: CGE

Andy Smith knows how to draw characters that will catch the eye of the reader. In the beginning of this story, we have two ravishing women who are in a deep conversation. Shinnsa with her long flaming orange hair and the gorgeous Tiena with her green skin. Tiena is a very interesting character. She has long-range big plans and one of her plans is to be able to control the new leader of House Sinister, named Seahn. Tiena is like a siren and any man seems to fall under her spell. She uses her flirtatious ways to convince a man like Empher to get rid of Seahn. Will Tiena really get her way with this madness? The leadership of the House of Sinister and House of Dexter is leading everything into a spiraling chaotic course! I wanted some excitement and I seemed to have found it here in The First #28!

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