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Ghost in the Shell 2 - Man/Machine Interface #1

Posted: Thursday, February 13, 2003
By: Paul Dale Roberts

Writer/Artist: Masamune Shirow
Publisher: Dark Horse

Meet Motoko Kusanagi - hyper-advanced cyborg in this spectacular sci-fi story! This story matches the Sci-Fi Channel's Farscape. It's spectacular and the art will dazzle your senses!

You'll also meet the very unique Tamaki Tamai - psychic investigator from the channeling agency as she meets with a very strange counsel. In fact each and every character in this story is mind-boggling in their creative uniqueness. There is an amazing eye-candy ocean scene in the story that will make you stop just to admire the artwork of these pages.

You also get technical blueprints on some of the vessels used in this story, like detailed information on the Ikura, Class 24 Milov. As you get into the story, you will learn what a E Brain Hacker is. The story is filled with intriguing excitement!

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