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Tom Strong's Terrific Tales #6

Posted: Saturday, February 15, 2003
By: Ray Tate

Writers: Alan Moore; Steve Moore
Artists: Jerry Ordway;Art Adams; Alan Weiss; Jeromy Cox(c)
Publisher: DC

"Goloka: The Heroic Dose"

Repeat after me. A drug trip does not constitute a story. When Tom Strong takes a ten percent solution of Goloka, the stuff that keeps him eternal, he trips out. The story--allegedly speaking--is derivative of a small portion of Jeremy Brett's Sherlock Holmes mystery "The Devil's Foot." Holmes' addiction was never made so explicit in the Arthur Conan Doyle short stories and novels. The more overt nature of the affliction became the center on the television series and the authors like Nicholas Meyers who wrote in the Doyle vein. In any case, the occupation of artistic space is certainly not worth three dollars.

Jerry Ordway's artwork as always is breathtakingly precise and aesthetically appealing to anatomy mavens everywhere, but it's wasted on a plot where Tom gets wasted.

"The Garden of the Sklin"

Repeat after me. A hallucination involving narcissistic lesbianism does not constitute a story. When Jonni Future is exposed to the pollen of an alien flower, the fruits of her dreams sprout nipples, and naked duplicates of her slip out of a lake to ravish her in the "No! No. Yes. Yes!" fashion. This drivel is also not worth three dollars.

The plot--loosely speaking--rips off a portion of The X-Files in which Mulder and Scully fall under the hallucinogenic influence of a giant species of fungus that is slowly devouring them. It tears a piece from the Star Trek episode "This Side of Paradise" in which alien flowers spray pollen on Spock and the Enterprise crew: making them happy and indolent so they will raise more flowers.

Jonni Future's occupation of artistic space does not even qualify for titillation purposes. The overtness of the exercise combined with the bad anatomy sabotage any hint of the erotic. For hotter not to mention more proportionate lesbian scenes, I recommend the DVDs Wild Things and Bound. You may also want to invest that three dollars to rent some honest to goodness porn which is likely to be far, far more effective for your needs than this waste of paper.

"Young Tom Strong and the Shadow of the Volcano"

Repeat after me. A hallucination involving rejects from Stargate do not constitute a story. Again, we have some nice artwork, but why? Three dollars I could have used for an iced venti tea and a refill.

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