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Sojourn #20

Posted: Tuesday, February 25, 2003
By: Paul Dale Roberts

Creative Force: Ron Marz, Greg Land, Jay Leisten, Justin Ponsor
Publisher: CGE

Hard-hitting drama that will turn climatic soon, as a huge tower will have a flame ablaze, so that the 5 lands will know their ruler remains unbowed. The evil and powerful Mordath wants the rebellious heroine named Arwyn. Arwyn is elusive and Mordath tires of the chase. Arwyn displays how deadly she can be with a bow and arrow, but she stops her threats when Neven steps into the picture.

Neven has a one-track mind and she letís Arwyn know that everything is about the quest. This is where the focus is upon, the quest. It is so strange to see Arwyn and her loyal dog Kreeg move along in their quest and not seeing Gareth. But, things are about to change quickly as Gareth is back!!

How did Gareth survive his fall? Will Gareth and Arwyn really show their hidden love to each other, now that Gareth is back? Did Gareth lose a tooth when Arwyn punched him in the mouth, for not letting her know that he was alive? All these answers and more, in the next exciting issue of Sojourn!

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