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Lady Death #1

Posted: Thursday, February 27, 2003
By: Paul Dale Roberts

Creative Force: Brian Pulido, Ivan Reis, Marc Campos, Chris Blythe
Publisher: CGE – Code 6

The origin of Lady Death is all here!! This comic book is absolutely amazing. I would have never imagined seeing Lady Death go from Chaos! Comics to CGE, but here it is and the excitement of the story got my blood flowing rapidly as I learn about the Eldritch that terrorized Novgorod’s populace in the year 1207 AD. There is a huge battle between mankind and the Eldritch. I was impressed with some of the characters in this story, like Wolfram Von Bach – a Teutonic knight under orders of Pope Paul V. There is a romantic liaison between the lovely human Marion and an Eldritch named Tvarus. Eldritch have a taste for human blood and have been around for a long time. Mankind like disgusting rodents has multiplied and now outnumber the Eldritch. The Eldritch despise man. Eldritch are known as ‘beasties’ to humans and you can see why when picking up this powerful issue! Let’s jump ahead to Novgorud 18 years later. Let me introduce you to Hope, the daughter of Marion. Remember, Marion was intimate with an Eldritch lord named Tvarus and their liaison produced a child and that child is Hope. When Marion and Hope hit the village for some shopping, things go awry. Hope talks to one of the villagers and the villager is shocked by her appearance, her pupils disappear, leaving blank white eyes. The villager cries out that she is an Eldritch or that she is a witch. After a test is performed on Hope, the villagers laugh it off. At some point of time, the tables turn on Marion and Hope and they run screaming away from the village and the villagers chase them down calling them witches. Hope is drowned by the villagers, but there is a resurrection and when Hope comes back, she is wearing a new outfit that appears to be black leather, her hair is white and her pupils are gone forever. Because we now have Lady Death to contend with and there will be HELL to pay! By Astragalus – Lord of Chaos, this comic book is EXCELLENT!!

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