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Simpsons Comics #79

Posted: Friday, February 28, 2003
By: Ray Tate

"Bart the Red Nosed Reindeer"
"Frostee the Snowmom"
"Gift of the Maggie"
"Jingle Bells Bartman Smells"
"Tree's Company"

Writer: Ian Boothby
Artists: John Costanza(p), Howard Shum(i), Art Villanueva(c)
Publisher: Bongo

Although many a present seems to fill the stocking of Simpsons Comics we sadly discover that most are about as humorous as lumps of coal. The explanation for Christmas stories in July--Simpsons frame of reference--comes from Grandpa's senility, but explain to me why only one tale is funny.

"Tree's Company" is a clever spoof of A Charlie Brown Christmas packed with plentiful examples of Homer's stupidity and the surreal nature of Springfield. The surprise definitely takes in account reader intelligence as well as the Springield watchers expectations.

"Bart the Red Nosed Reindeer" translates the Rankin-Bass special into the world of The Simpsons. The way Ian Boothby finds analogues in the cast is interesting, but the rest of the story is too obvious to provide any laughs.

"Frostee the Snowmom" earns points for not going for the overt joke involving two heads, but the rest of the story just is rather dull. I did like Lisa's rare display of vengeful emotion.

Although Gil takes the part of the Grinch, "Jingle Bells, Bartman Smells" did nothing for me, and the gift of the Maggie misses the idea that Maggie and the Baby with One Eyebrow are archenemies. I suppose that could be a riff on the Christmas adventure of "Snoopy and the Red Baron."

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