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Fantastic Four #66

Posted: Saturday, March 1, 2003
By: Ray Tate

"Big Stuff" Part 2

Writer: Mark Waid
Artists: Mark Buckingham(p), Danny Micki & Allen Martinez(i), Mark Milla(c)
Publisher: Marvel

Well, this simply has to be the funniest issue ever of the Fantastic Four. Split into two halves, the teammates deal with the same problems they had last issue but in ways far from boring or trite.

Johnny comes up with a clever idea to stop the unstable molecules from rampaging through the earth, and Sue's reaction to his idea makes one laugh out loud. Furthermore, the scene shows that while Mr. Waid has been busy amping Mr. Fantastic's status and giving more depth to the Torch, he still remembers that Sue is the most powerful of the quartet.

When one needs strength, one calls upon the Thing, but again, Mr. Waid surprises with a more potent Reed Richards. The Thing's role reverts to test subject and the scene shows how much Ben trusts in Reed. In another unexpected bid for laughter, Ben's impatience rather Reed's tendency to experiment makes for an even more revoltin' development.

While this reader misses Mike Wieringo's artwork, Mark Buckingham's artwork will always be welcome. The job is rushed and yet still professional with a superb skill for understated emotion and outbursts leading to hilarity.

Something I did not appreciate before is Mr. Buckingham's techno talent. He may also be the first artist to avoid old phallic symbolism standard fare when detailing a scientific device. Reed's invention is not exactly a gun, and in structure it looks more like a mechanical nipple, or is that me simply projecting?

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