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Blanche, The Baby Killer #0

Posted: Monday, March 3, 2003
By: Paul Dale Roberts

Story and Art: S. Kwon
Publisher: Bong's Quality Meats

You want superhero action? You won't find it here. You want Manga? You won't find it here. You want some cute Cartoon Network or Disney stuff? You won't find it here! This comic book is the most unique comic book I have ever seen!!! I'm going to give you bits and pieces of tantalizing information, but I'm not going to give away the whole freakin' story, because this story is too darn incredible to believe! Blanche of course is the heroine of this story and when she gets her hair cut-off she sort of reminds me of Tank Girl, but she is more than Tank Girl, she is in a Twilight Zone meets Matrix meets Hellraiser meets The Cube type of reality. It's hard to explain, or hard to imagine. It's hard for me to put into words.

First off imagine seeing a woman with a cannon coming out of her stomach. Is this real or not real? Is Blanche having strange illusions? Is she having nightmares that are beyond normalcy? Is she in Red Square with all of the Chinese in their cute little uniforms that go about trying to make her perform carnal sins with another man? Does she make her living by chopping off the heads of chickens? Then does her imagination run wild as she sees a woman with a chicken head cutting off the heads of human babies! Her girlfriend tries to talk her into meeting guys in church....ya, right. Blanche is beyond that. Blanche falls into a seizure and during that seizure she sees a huge eye that seems to be on fire and even has wings looking upon her. What kind of bizarre situation is Blanche in?

At her work after the seizure her boss takes her up to his office and sexually harasses Blanche and makes her perform fellatio. Enough is enough and Blanche loses her cool in a most violent way as she stabs her boss in the eye with a pencil! Oh ya...things only get worse as she is sent up the river (prison) and you will see an unusual woman prison guard that dresses in leather and has a swastika on her arm. Blanche is hog tied and suspended in the air. Yes, she is tortured. When she is released she gets mugged in the streets. If there wasn't bad luck for Blanche, she wouldn't have any luck at all! When Blanche confronts her demon in the form of a little baby, she is ready to play sniper on this little piece of garbage.

The mother of this baby looks worse for wear. When this little evil baby (demon) looks upon her, it brought chills right down my spine! This demon uses illusions to bind you to its will! Blanche The Baby Killer is taking the reader in the next evolutionary step to great comic book reading!! I highly recommend this comic book and please look out for this comic book in the stands in either April or May! Make sure to tell your comic book retailer about this comic book, you definitely don't want to miss out! Blanche the Baby Killer has the makings of a major blockbuster movie! I kid you not!!

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