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Fantastic Four #66

Posted: Friday, March 7, 2003
By: Jason Cornwell

Writer: Mark Waid
Artists: Mark Buckingham (p), Danny Miki & Allen Martinez (i)

Publisher: Marvel Comics

While Johnny & Sue deal with the expanding wave of molecular unsuitability that was unleashed last issue, Reed & Ben busy themselves with a giant bug creature that is on the loose within the duct work of their headquarters.

I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop, as this really is the Fantastic Four that I've wanted to read all my life, and something simply won't let me sit back & enjoy it without wondering when the disappointing news is going to hit. I mean this is one of the first comic titles I stated following monthly, and even John Byrne's classic run had one flaw, in that for most of the run the Thing was off the team. However, Mark Waid has impressed me with a series of little, almost day-in-the-life adventures, and while Dr. Doom is slated to hit these pages, the biggest draw this book currently has going for it is the simple fact that the team just feel right. The interaction between Johnny & Sue feels like a genuine kid brother/big sister relationship, while the scenes between Reed & Ben perfectly captures the comfortable friendship these two share. I also love the idea that Mark Waid has infused Reed with a sense of humor, and he also offers up a fantastic display of the considerable power that Sue has at her command.

As for the art, combined with his work over on "Fables", I have to say that this is a great month for Mark Buckingham, as after leaving "Peter Parker: Spider-Man" he's found his way to two of my current favorite titles, and his art has never looked better.

Final Word:
It simply doesn't get much better than this, though next month's arrival of Dr. Doom is likely to make things even better. This issue has firmly cemented this title as my favorite Marvel title, as I've spent my entire comic reading life waiting to this book to reach this stage, and now that it's arrived my only complaint is that we're only getting one issue each month. Mark Waid understands these characters, and this is what is quickly making his run on this book my all time favorite, and what's more he's making it look so gosh darn easy that one has to wonder why previous writers never quite captured it. The adventures thus far have been pretty simple, but this issue does offer up an amazing display of Sue's power, as she performs a stunt that firmly cements my conviction that Susan Richards is easily one of the most powerful characters in the Marvel Universe. One also has to love Ben & Reed's little bug hunt, and the comedic, though rather clever use of the shrinking ray.

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