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Route 666 #10

Posted: Sunday, March 23, 2003
By: Ray Tate

Writer: Tony Bedard
Artists: Greg Tocchini(p), John Dell, Mike Perkins(i),Justin Ponser(c)
Publisher: CGE

Oh, now this is much, much better. After being stuck in a rut of ennui, Route 666 gets back on track with interesting interplay between Cisco and Cassie and a terrific plot tying into the main theme of the title.

The settings of both the fifties type diner and the circus combined with the circus folk give ample opportunity for guest artist Greg Tocchini to strut his stuff. The clown action draws upon an energetic style, and he seems quite comfortable with Cassie whether she's enjoying the sun or expressing her anger over being forced into the service of those with special sight. Remember when the phrase guest artist made you cringe? CGE is smart enough to match the formidable talents of Mr. Molline.

The whimpering, cowering Cassie shrinks thankfully to nonexistence as the more competent heroine takes her place. She is the one who chooses the smart disguises--which actually blend in with setting, and she investigates the strange things she sees.

Tony Bedard gets bonus points for preserving Cassie's sense of humor. In fact, throughout the issue, he better manages the blend of horror and humor in the plot. These sources of humor are all clean rather than scatological or inhumane like last issue and also have a broader range.

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