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Uncanny X-Men #418

Posted: Monday, March 24, 2003
By: Bobosoar

“Dominant Species Part 3”

Writer: Chuck Austen
Artists: Kia Asamiya (p), J.D. Smith (c).

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Will Archangel & Husk survive long enough in a forest to receive help from the X-Men? Can the X-Men stop Polaris from slicing up nurse Annie Gharzikhanian's face at the Xavier Institute? Will Annie's son, Carter, awake from his coma? Will Nightcrawler finally make a decision between the church & the X-Men?

Chuck Austen has written a story that leaves you craving more. With too many intense plots I knew that Dominant Species would not end at Part 3. Carter is a telekinetic mutant. Last issue Carter displayed that he is telepathic as well by trying to free Havok from his deep coma but ironically he put himself into coma as well. Archangel & Husk crashed into a forest in NY to escape from racists, murderous, corporate, mutant werewolves, called the Lobos, whom are lead by Maximus Lobo. Northstar flies an injured Logan to the infirmary to see Polaris cutting up Annie's face. Annie was screaming at Havok to release her son but Polaris viewed it as an assault.

Husk still in her metallic form awakens in a forest next to the unconscious Archangel. Husk checks see if he is alive, which he is, then removes his shirt. Husk then removes her metallic skin from her body, thus becoming naked. She is unaware that Warren is watching her during this process. She puts on his shirt then quickly turns around to see if he was still asleep. He pretends that he is. Husk turns away wishing he did see her naked, unaware that Warren viewed the entire process & is smiling. Warren then stands up & Husk gives them a mouthful. She likes Warren a lot but is angry that he aids in the pollution of the planet & that he was unaware that his company hired the mutant werewolves. Warren does not have much to say about that. Shortly afterwards the werewolves find them & renew their attack.

Northstar arrives in the infirmary to see Polaris cutting Annie's face with a scalpel. He tries to talk to Lorna but she attacks him rendering him unconscious. Xavier & Juggernaut enters the room. A heated arguments ensues between Cain & Lorna while Xavier tries to calm them both down. Lorna finally stands down & cries on Xavier's chest & that's when Alex screams in pain. Alex asks where is Carter & the others inform him that he's in a coma. Alex suggests that some type of evil force that kept him trapped in his mind is doing the same thing to Carter. Xavier quickly astral projects himself to Carter & see a yellow cord attached to the head of a frightened Carter. The yellow cord is somehow attached to some dark hole. When he & Carter touch each other Xavier screams in agony. A concerned Juggernaut oddly reminds everyone that they have to rescue Archangel & Husk.

Nightcrawler goes to his priest & presents his issues with the Lord. He also brings up a heated issue in the normal world. The end result. His priest walks away from. Northstar, by radio, ask if he can help but quickly turns him down.

This issue is definitely worth buying... as a trade paper back. The story is great but it lacks a lot of dialogue. He brings too much in this single issue & expects readers to wait another 30 days for possible conclusions to his plots. Last issue was kind of a snore. This issue is awesome but it's annoying how nothing seems to end. This book should had been longer then 32 pages. I was hoping to see Stacy X in this issue, who Chuck Austen stated in a interview a while ago that he will write her out of X-Men sometime before this year is out. Last issue Stacy was naked & tried to seduce Nightcrawler without using her abilities. I was hoping that Austen would bring her back in this issue but Nightcrawler does at least mention his temptation for her. Austen also raises more questions in this issues without even eliminating the problems were addressed in the last ones.

Final Word:
It’s a good story but I rather wait for the trade paperback.

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