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Captain America: What Price Glory? #2

Posted: Sunday, March 30, 2003
By: Jason Cornwell

Writer: Bruce Jones
Artists: Steve Rude (p), Mike Royer (i)

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Arriving in Las Vegas we see an undercover Captain America finds the young woman he is seeking, and he also manages to stumble across a plan in which a hostile takeover of the city is being planned, and this plan involves an amusement park that is devoted to Captain America himself.

First off I have to say I loved the set piece that is set up in the opening pages of this issue, as the new Las Vegas is a huge playground for adults, and it makes sense that in the Marvel Universe Captain America would make for an ideal marketing ploy. Now given the number of people that the Red Skull has killed, I'm not sure any investor would willingly embrace the idea of building such a grandiose display of the villain, but I have to say it does add to the charm of this set piece, so I'm willing to overlook this detail.

This issue also plays up a side of Captain America we rarely see as we see he manages to locate the missing daughter, and part of his plan involves his trying to make her fall in love with him. It's not often that we get to see Cap turn on the charm, and on does have to wonder how far Cap is willing to let this relationship go. However the real draw this issue has going for it is a delightful late night battle at the amusement park, as thanks to the art of Steve Rude this battle is a loving tribute to the single most enjoyable element of Marvel's early days, which is how those issues lovingly embraced the concept of the slugfest. One also has to love the absolutely terrifying structural design of Captain America's rollercoaster.

Final Word:
A very enjoyable issue, in that a large chunk of it is handed over to a very entertaining battle that is very much in the spirit of a good old-fashioned bout where Stan Lee would announce his intention to shut up and let Jack Kirby dazzle the reader with his ability to deliver pure excitement. Call me nostalgic for a bygone era, but this issue's battle was one of the most entertain tussles I've come across all year. This issue also offers up a rather surprising twist, as we see Captain America gets to show off a skill that I must confess I've never really seen him display before, as he sets out to win the heart of the young woman who he's traveled to Las Vegas to rescue. I guess all those hours he's spent in the company of Tony Stark are starting to pay off, as the scene on the beach does a nice job of showing us Cap's ability to convey a sense of security & reassurance that this troubled young woman is probably desperately seeking.

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