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Captain America: What Price Glory? #4

Posted: Tuesday, April 1, 2003
By: Jason Cornwell

Writer: Bruce Jones
Artists: Steve Rude (p), Mike Royer (i)

Publisher: Marvel Comics

After foiling the gangster's plot to siege control of Las Vegas, we see Captain America returns to New York with the young woman he was sent to rescue. However, in addition to breaking this woman's heart when he reveals the truth, Cap also discovers a rather disturbing truth about the entire plot that had him rescuing this woman.

The big finish to this issue is a fun mix of straight up action, and some fairly impressive melodramatics, as we see Captain America has to reveal the truth to the young woman he was sent to rescue, before he discovers the real truth of the matter is not what it appeared to be, and he too has to face the betrayal by someone he considered a friend. Now one the action front there is an odd little scene where it looks like Captain America has left three men to suffocate to death as they are buried under a deluge of concrete, but since we all know this is Captain America I'm guessing he took the time to insure they could breath while he was also taking the time to amusingly repaint the sign.

As for the romance plot, I have to say I was a bit disturbed by how poorly Cap handled this situation, as it would appear that he's a fan of delivering the news in the most hurtful way possible, but then again this method did allow him to get a better look at the bigger picture, and this in turn leads to a fairly powerful scene where Cap faces off with the mystery party who orchestrated this entire affair.

As for Steve Rude's art, once against the action scenes are bristling with energy, and I also have to make mention of a fairly impressive credit page shot, that would do Jim Steranko proud.

Final Word:
The big finish to this miniseries isn't half bad, as while the surprise twist is a little overly complicated, I must confess I was pleasantly surprised by this turn of events, and the more I think about it the more I have to admire how well this plot element explains away the little problems that I had with certain aspects of the story. The final speech delivered by the person who orchestrated this entire affair is also quite impressive, as this speech nicely justifies the actions that this character took. I also have to say that while I was a bit put off by the way he delivered the news, the scene where Captain America manages to shatter the heart of the young woman he rescued was a powerful emotional moment, and it was a rather refreshing look at how Cap's noble intentions can occasionally run roughshod over the feelings of others. We also get a rather entertaining bit of action to open the issue with a bang.

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