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Lady Death #2

Posted: Wednesday, April 2, 2003
By: Paul Dale Roberts

Creative Force: Brian Pulido, Ivan Reis, Marc Campos, Chris Blythe
Publisher: CGE / Code 6

Lady Death was thought to be murdered by drowning, but she raises up from the dead to extract revenge for her mother's death and her own death. Lady Death has new powers, but she has not quite perfected her newfound powers and the villagers overwhelm her and are ready to set her on fire, until the teutonic knight Wolfram Von Bach comes to her immediate rescue.

Wolfram reveals a lot to Lady Death and she learns that Wolfram knows a lot about her history. I got a kick out seeing these little green creatures called Greelum take on Lady Death. These Greelums are merely trinket thieves and when Lady Death gains her sword, she feels like one with the sword and makes short notice of the Greelums.

The Greelums reminded me of the gremlins found in the movie by the same name 'Gremlin'. Lady Death #2 is an excellent story that will keep you riveted to your chair!

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