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Justice League Adventures #18

Posted: Friday, April 4, 2003
By: Ray Tate

"Evano the Terrible"

Writer: Stan Berkowitz
Artists: Chris Jones(p), Dan Davis(i), John Kalisz(c)
Publisher: DC

Justice League Adventures is not without merit. The team function as such. The Atom's participation is crucial to the story and vastly differs from other fantastic voyages the mighty mite has partaken such as a memorable issue of Brave & Bold in which the Atom keeps alive a recently electrocuted Dark Knight by racing through his body.

All the heroes are in character. Hawkgirl is smashingly bellicose with her want to rip apart Professor Palmer. Wonder Woman gets a strong spotlight, and I like how Mr. Berkowitz acknowledges the newness of the Adventureverse. None of the Justice League ever met the Atom.

The science within the science fiction is surprisingly good. The miniaturization of course is total bosh, but this is the one outlandish conceit that must be accepted. Mr. Berkowitz details the mechanism of how a super-hero can be controlled against his or her will. To my knowledge, this has never been done before. The teamwork supplied by the heroes in one particular scene would stymie the method of control.

Artists Jones, Davis and Kalisz illustrate the League in a lively animated manner as well as within the parameters of the animated style. They also make the story more believable up to a point with a startling biological background that's eerie and fantastic.

Where the book fails miserably is that the author doesn't consider or is unaware that Douglas Adams sent up, way up this type of plot in Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Anyone who read that novel will find this story risible especially given its funeral gravity during the conclusion. Even those who have not read Adams' absurd classic will find the amphibian nature of the creatures a little damaging to the seriousness of the tone.

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