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Judge Dredd Megazine #202

Posted: Monday, April 7, 2003
By: Paul Dale Roberts

Story & Art: Various creators.
Publisher: Rebellion

Wow! I sure get plenty of stories from 2000AD/Judge Dredd Megazine, everything from Tharg's Future - Shocks the Bounty Hunters; Slaine: Time Killer; Darkie's Mob (which was an old story that is reprinted right here in your magazine!); Judge Dredd; Juliet November; Devlin Waugh; Family and the cool looking Black Siddha story! Loved the Black Siddha cover too!

With Devlin Waugh story, the art was outstanding and breath-taking! It is interesting on the concept of Nosferatu (vampires). That vampires don't always have to suck blood, but there are vampires who feed on various body secretions from tears, semen, milk and even lymphatic fluid! The vampires that drink other fluids are referred to as subspecies. I have always believed that there are energy vampires, for example the high school history teacher that would drain you mentally with his monotone voice as he talked about Charlemagne. Or the sexual vampires who must go from one partner to another, they are never satisfied with one person. Or the negative vampires who are so full of negativity that when they walk into a room, everyone is feeling down, because of their negative attitude and irrational behavior. But, that is only my theory. Enjoyed the interesting talk of Lilith, she is a diabolical being that gave me the chills. Then as the vampire was talking of his first kill and how he took the toes and fingers and made them into a necklace was simply horrid. There is a vampire virus going on and this reality is in chaos. Rohmer who is now a prisoner for his murderous ways is in his own hell, but it's hard to imagine he was an ex-judge. Powerful story that was very scary!

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