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Vampirella #18

Posted: Friday, April 18, 2003
By: Ray Tate

Writer: Jay Faerber
Artists: Matthew Clarke(p), Ron Randall(i), Avalon Studios(c)
Publisher: Harris

The final chapter of "Pack" moves at a fair clip and just goes to detail the obvious redundancy of previous chapters. Practically nothing in those chapters is needed to comprehend the finale, and since neither of the pair were interesting they should have been discarded. This still is not the best issue of Vampirella and just seems rather ordinary.

Matthew Clarke provides some striking panels, Vamp kicking down a door for instance, but he also throws in sexploitation shots. Vamp's bare buttocks make two appearances in what should have been dramatic scenes. Regardless, the art is not up to snuff when compared to last chapters. It's very disappointing to think that Matthew Clarke spent more time on the drivel than the better issue.

Another improvement in "The Pack" can be seen in the return of Vampirella's heroic attitude. She does seem to care what happens to an innocent woman, which is a far cry from a previous chapter where she seems to callously leave a group of innocent bikers for the slaughter.

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