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JLA: Scary Monsters #2

Posted: Wednesday, April 23, 2003
By: Josh Stone

Writer: Chris Claremont
Artists: Joshua Hood (p), Sean Parsons (i)

Publisher: DC Comics

The second installment of this mini-series starts off with Martian Manhunter telepathically finding out what attacked Flash and Green Lantern. MM tells the other Justice Leaguers what happened to their fellow crime fighters, and they begin their investigation of the small town. The action begins as Wonder Woman saves a guy from drowning only to be attacked by very disturbing skeleton fish. As she attempts to fend them off, Superman is getting the Kryptonian snot beat out of him by a very large creature. The issue ends in a cliffhanger as we see Superman near death, and Wonder Woman still fighting for her life, trapped underwater.

This issue, much like the first, was amazing. The Justice League has never really been my cup of tea, but with Chris Claremont at the helm, Iím beginning to change my opinion. The plot is very interesting, youíve got a small town, with a dark past. Something very strange is going on in the forest of this place, and even the universeís mightiest warriors (and Plastic Man) canít seem to figure it out. Thatís what sells this book for me. Iíve always stayed away from the Justice League titles because I feel there is no real threat to them. Theyíre pretty much unstoppable, Wonder Woman and Superman alone can barely be hurt. Yet, they meet their match in this seemingly possessed forest.

Chris Claremont is probably, no he is, my favorite comic book writer. Heís been writing fantastic stories for what, about thirty years now? If it werenít for Chris Claremont, I wouldnít give a second thought to one of my favorite comics ever, X-Men, and I think he might be doing the same for JLA. He is a master storyteller, and to me, itís a testament to his abilities that he is able to come up with this scintillating tale. In only the second issue of the mini-series heís taken out the most powerful of the Justice League members, leaving the Super-powerless Bats to lead the team. I think it would be a wise move for DC to have Claremont continue to write for JLA after this series has come to an end. In fact, I think ever comic should be written by Chris Claremont.

The story is not the only good feature in this book, the art is just as incredible. I feel a little shamed that Iíve never heard of Josh Hood before now, but I certainly hope to see more of his work. Heís done some of the best Batman, Green Lantern and Martian Manhunter art in these two issues that Iíve ever seen. The super-friends arenít the only ones well drawn in this book, Hood has produced some rather frightful ďScary MonstersĒ that uphold the book to itís title. Every panel is full of detail, which is something you donít see enough of. The great art isnít merely constricted to the interior of the book, Art Adams has illustrated a cover that is so action packed, you are left with no option but to pick it up off the shelf.

All these components, mixed itís with vibrant colors, makes this title one of my favorites at the moment. I feel that Scary Monsters is going to be one of, if not the best, mini-series of the year. After its initial run, DC will package it up in a lovely hard cover, and itíll become the cornerstone for future Justice League titles.

Final Word:
So, you want to know why you should pick up this book? Perhaps I didnít mention Chris Claremont wrote it. Oh, I did, didnít I? Well then, I donít see why you need any more convincing. If you havenít read the first issue, Iím pretty much sure youíre out of luck. Youíll probably have to bum it off a friend, whoíll in turn make you sign some papers agreeing that no harm shall come to their book. However, if you were lucky enough to read the first issue, but havenít picked up the second one, then quickly go down to your local comic book shop and get it. You might want to have someone drive you, cause you wonít be able to wait Ďtil you get home to read it. Further more, Iím a little disappointed you waited so long, stop wasting time and go get it.

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