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Catwoman #18

Posted: Saturday, May 3, 2003
By: Ray Tate

"No Easy Way Down" Part 2

Writer: Ed Brubaker
Artists: Javier Pulido, Matt Hollingsworth(c)
Publisher: DC

Mighty depressing. Holly's descent into despair for shooting somebody who would have without compunction shot her is somewhat over the top. I can see this kind of outcome had she actually murdered somebody or accidentally killed an innocent bystander. I cannot see even the purest individual punishing herself for the death of the duplicitous and deadly Sylvia--not to be confused with the eighties country singer.

Catwoman's refusal to tear herself away from Slam Bradley's groin in order to help Holly come to terms with her pain is reprehensible. Why she does not simply follow her or pay a visit to Karon's to speak with her is rather glossed over. If she did, the problem would be alleviated, and Mr. Brubaker would have nothing with which to shock his readers. Perhaps, therein lies the answer.

The characterization across the board does not seem reasonable. It does not sound or feel realistic, and perhaps that's because it's so constant. There's no relief or humor. Only a masochist need read this issue.

I can imagine what my own critics are saying to themselves. Does this handsome still young imbecile believe stories always have to be bright and sunny? No, but they do need some sunshine.

When Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s episode "The Body" aired, Joss Whedon and crew knew exactly what a gut wrenching thing they created. They didn't follow "The Body" with an even darker and despondent Angel. They gave their audience much needed relief with "Epiphany" in which Angel, who was becoming in spirit closer to Angelus, returns to his lighter, normal self.

Catwoman however isn’t like a television show. Each episode is issued monthly. Each issue needs a change in mood to make the doom and gloom count for something. If all the characters are circling the drain, it's difficult to be affected since the rhythm of the story is one-note.

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