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Ultimate X-Men #32

Posted: Monday, May 5, 2003
By: Josh Stone

ďReturn of the King: Part 6 of 7Ē

Writer: Mark Millar
Artists: Adam Kubert (P); Danny Miki (I)

Publisher: Marvel Comics

The issue opens with Jean Grey saving Miami from Nukes that Magneto launched (once again South Florida is the center of all problems). After the missiles have been neutralized the locals gather around the mutants that just saved them and cheer. Meanwhile, in the North Pole Cyclops and Wolverine are getting ready to fight, which doesnít last long for Wolvie. After Cyclops blasts Wolverine he kicks him off the team and walks away. The following days maybe weeks the public begins to forgive the X-men and Washington tries to figure out what to do. So, Tony Stark comes up with a plan to incorporate Xavierís school into the Federal budget allowing the school to stay open, ergo acting as a training facility for the Ultimates. So, this comes to pass and the School has a big function for the parents. At the party it is revealed that Rogue will now be going to Xavierís in hopes of righting her wrongs. The book ends with an interesting conversation between Fury and Xavier about the new relationship between the school and the Government.

Another stellar issue of Ultimate X. This title has been one of my favorite for awhile now, and the current story arc is a prime example of why. It is my opinion that the modern writer takes stories that have been told countless times throughout the ages, and makes them new and exciting, and thatís just what Millar does for this title. Iím sure youíre thinking, ďOf course he does itís the re-telling of the X-men, idiot,Ē and that is true, but he does so good. When you look at Ultimate Spider-man, then at Ultimate X-Men, itís clear what Iím talking about.

Millar is a great writer and Ultimate X-Men is my favorite X-title right now. With that said, I feel I must get this out, where is Gambit? I was almost pretty sure that this story arc would mark the return of Gambit in the Ultimate world, but I was wrong thus far. I know why they brought Nightcrawler back, and Iím not complaining cause heís a great character, but now that Rouge is on the team Gambit has got to come back. Iím a couple issues away from starting some form of campaign, and Iím far too lazy to do that, but I will if need be. Iím sorry if you donít share my sentiments, but I needed the release.

Returning to the actual issue, Adam Kubertís art was once again jaw-dropping. His every issue of Ultimate X-Men he does it seems to get better (which is kind of scary, I mean how good can one guy be. Save some for the rest of us man). His drawings of the team are quickly becoming some of my favorite X-Men art. I think the two characters that he draws the best are Beast and Marvel Girl, I like Jean better with short hair (donít hate me).

Final Word:
All in all, this book was great. Great story, great art, a whole panel that said ďVAM.Ē If the VAM doesnít convince you enough, how about Kubertís drawings of the President? The book is only $2.25, thatís a great deal for a title like this, and the Ultimate titles use that cool slick paper (you know that would usually cost like fifty cents more).

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