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Batman Legends of the Dark Knight #167

Posted: Thursday, May 15, 2003
By: Ray Tate

"Don't Blink" Part Four

Writer: Dwayne McDuffie
Artists: Val Semeiks(p), Randy Green(i), James Sinclair(c)

Val Semeiks does an overall outstanding job making McDuffie's words come to life on the pages, but extra meritorious mention must be made for his capturing of frantic emotion and a continuity between artwork and narration.

In the opening, so beautifully choreographed, we learn the government agency who abducted Lee Hyland the man known as Blink now holds his girlfriend hostage. The epilogue seemed like a nice straight forward four bullet epilogue to the plot proper of "Don't Blink."

As soon as Batman leaves the city and enters the snow-shrouded outskirts, that nice straight forward four bullet evolves into a miniature masterpiece exploring Batman's nature, how he operates and how much of a threat he is to the opposition.

Batman trails the government agents to the snowy outer reaches of Gotham, and after first stirring the plot with a brief exercise in beating up rogue agents, he walks straight into a trap. Ah, but what a trap.

Writer Dwayne McDuffie makes superb use of the environment and the powers of his guest-star. He realizes that no matter how experienced or how evil the agent in question may be, he is and never will be a match for Batman unless Batman's presence, his skills and his intelligence is somehow diminished. That's nothing new. However, the execution is far more satisfying than what's usually foisted on the unsuspecting reading public.

McDuffie does not suddenly lobotomize the Dark Knight. He does not make him standoffish where he refuses help. He instead finds a smart way to cut Batman down to a level more suitable for the match and makes the finale something you don't just read or observe but savor.

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