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Green Lantern #164

Posted: Tuesday, May 20, 2003
By: Josh Stone

ďBlack Circle: Urban Knights Part 6 of 6Ē

Writer: Judd Winick
Artist: Charlie Adlard

Publisher: DC Comics

GL and GA are trapped aboard Amon Surís (son of the original Green Lantern) spaceship. Amon Sur stole the ring away from Rayner and is planning bad things. Unbeknownst to Sur is that Rayner has rigged the ring so that only he can control it, and to control it he doesnít even have to wear it (pretty cool). Anyway, a large battle ensues, a few punches and a battered face later Rayner and Queen are back on earth enjoying some ďvictoryĒ drinks. By the end of it the new Green Lantern has earned the respect of Green Arrow and itís all really beautiful.

Holy Tostitos, itís finally over. Itís been a long 6-weeks but Winick and Raab have finally completed the Green cross-over. Iíve never been a big fan of Green Lantern, but I am a fan of the Arrow. So, I heard this little shindig was going down, and I thought, ďHow much more money are they going to drain from me?Ē Nonetheless, I still bought every issue, and it was quite worth it. I sit here now tolling over whether or not to continue buying GL. Iím still not a fan of the ring, but the character is alright. I mean really, this ring can create anything, and the things he has it create is just plain stupid. A bit harsh you say, but look at it; Iíve seen monkeys, Amazonians, and things I canít even describe. At least with Longbow you know what to expect; arrows, most likely green. Simple really, but oh so good. But, like I said Green Lantern is starting to grow on me, so I might continue with the series, at least for a little while.

Judd Winick wrote another great story. Itís full of witty dialogue and well, witty dialogue. But, thatís good, I mean why else would DC sign him all exclusive like? Anyway, the story was really good, Iím glad to see the Greenís getting along now, it warmed my heart when I read it. Sure it was a bit clichť, but you know what, sometimes clichť is good and this is one of those times. This ring thing though, is there anything it canít do? I know I already ranted about this, but itís just too good. Itís like Superman, why do you care for the character if you know there is nothing that can stop them? Then again, this ring could have some sort of weakness that Iím completely ignorant of, I hope it does. Stupid ring.

As much as I liked the Black Circle story, the art just didnít do it for me. I really hate talking bad about artist, because like Iíve said before, I really canít draw. Itís not that the art was horrible, itís just a bit childish to me. Adlard drew GL and GA really good, but all the other characters werenít that great, especially the things that the ring would create. It was so hard to take the concept of monkeys beating people up serious with the kiddy artwork.

Final Word:
Overall I really enjoyed the Black Circle story arc. It was well written by both Winick and Raab, and the art was decent enough for a comic with the Comic Code stamp on it. Like Iíve said countless times, that damn ring drives me crazy. Rayner just has to think, ďI would like to see four foot tall girl scouts kicking you in the shin,Ē and then there they are kicking and selling crappy cookies.

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