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Flash #198

Posted: Monday, June 2, 2003
By: Josh Stone

“Blitz Rush Pt. 2”

Writer: Geoff Johns
Artists: Scott Kolins (p), Doug Hazlewood (i)

Publisher: DC Comics

The story opens with Wally West (The New Flash) and Jay Garrick (The Original Flash) running side-by-side to what was the Flash Museum until an explosion took care of that. When they arrive they are bombarded by reporters asking all sorts of questions ranging from the explosion to the status of Wally’s wife Linda. Finally, after hearing enough from the reporters the two generations of Flashes take off to meet up with their families. Linda and Wally have invited the whole speedster family to their house to inform them that they are having twins. Not long after the news is revealed, a sonic boom sends the Flashes back into action. After saving a crowd of people from near death by a crumbling building, the original Flash is attacked by a mysterious enemy and is knocked clear across the city. Before the new Flash can stop him, the man who reveals himself as Zoom is at Wally’s house ready to attack his wife and friends.

Growing up I always enjoyed reading Flash comics, but as I got into my early teens, I stopped reading the book (soon after I stopped reading comics all together, I call it the dark ages, needless to say it didn’t last long). Early this year, for no apparent reason, I picked up the newest issue of The Flash, and was sucked back in. The character didn’t change much (with his values, I mean it is a whole new Flash), but there was more of an adult mentality to it now. Which is something that is hard to accomplish, have a character retain all the core characteristics while at the same time make him appealing to a wider audience.

Geoff Johns has done a wonderful job with this title. I heard Waid had an excellent run on the Flash before Johns took over, hopefully one day I’ll read those. When I picked up the book again, I was a bit cautious, I didn’t know what to expect, I should’ve known it would be goodness. I’m really enjoying the current story arc involving Zoom, I can’t wait to see where it goes. I hear a lot of talk about how action packed issue 200 will be, and with Johns’ amazing writing skills, I’m sure it will be. With him at the helm, great things are going to be coming for the Flash title.

The art in this book is, to say the least, good. Kolins did an amazing job capturing the different generations of Flashes in this issue. You had the original Flash, Barry Allen, Wally when he was the Kid Flash, and Impulse all in one issue. Kolins laughed in the face of this challenge, and illustrated some fast paced panels (pun intended). In all seriousness though, Kolins’ art was terrific and I don’t use that word too often, so you know I mean it.

Final Word:
As I said earlier, this series is great. A lot of people just pass by The Flash without so much as a “how ya do,” and that’s just wrong. Flash is a wonderful title that should be on every super-hero fan’s monthly “pick-up” list. It has everything a great super-hero story should have; action, drama, suspense, and good values. Notice I said “super-hero” not “anti-hero” which is a whole other list. Back to the Flash, it’s a great buy, and any fan of Geoff Johns will definitely like The Flash.

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