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Wonder Woman #191

Posted: Tuesday, June 3, 2003
By: Paul Dale Roberts

Writer: Walter Simonson
Artists: Jerry Ordway (p), P. Craig Russell (i)

Publisher: DC

Jerry Ordway does some superb penciling in this story. The colors are bright and sassy, especially when looking upon Themyscira the home of the Amazons. In this story, there is a rumor that Olympus may be deserted. There is a nasty monster named Scylla, which is a type of gigantic serpent that has a multitude of heads.

Many of the Amazons are turned into statues and you can tell that this story originates from the Medusa myth. Wonder Woman looks good in her new haircut. There is some interesting dialogue between Lady Ala and Trevor Barnes that will get you hooked more into this dramatic story. Of course, you'll love Diana - Goddess of the Hunt.

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