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Posted: Wednesday, June 11, 2003
By: Josh Stone

Writer/Artist: Jason Schnabel
Publisher: FreakMagnetComics

ďCharacterĒ is a comic, about comics. Itís about a guy, Jason Schnabel, who talks about the comic book industry. The twist is, toward the end of the comic, Jason letís out his schizophrenia. He transcends his own conscience and becomes two separate entities. There is Jason, the man who wants to be a comic book creator; then there is Jason, the creative force behind the man who wants to be a comic book creator. Itís simple really. The ďcreative forceĒ wants the ďmanĒ to self actualize, to be aware of his creative being, and not simply smack it around whenever he needs it. At the end of the book, the two entities settle their differences and agree to work together in peace and harmony for the remainder of their days.

A few days ago I got an e-mail from a friend at work telling me about this comic. He says that he saw this book at the local comic shop and he had to get it, it was like nothing else on the shelf. Apparently, this guy is from Florida, so itís a little hard to find. Anyway, the next day he brings it to work and tells me, I must read it, so I did (the friend also happens to be my boss, he tells me to read something, I sure as hell read it). Like my boss/friend, I was initially drawn in by the unique art style the book has. Unlike most comics, this book is a series of photographs that have been digitally tampered with, giving them more of a comic book feel, but in a different way. Itís really quite hard to explain. Nevertheless, the artistic style that this book has is unlike anything else that is being put out, that I know of anyway.

Schnabel says that the main reason he made this comic, was to get his name out there, so that one day he could write for the bigger companies. Now, that is probably a true statement, I mean Iím pretty much doing that with my reviews and my column, but I think the deeper reason behind why he did the book (even why I do reviews and a column) is because he loves comics. Sure he can say, ďI just want the attention,Ē and sure thatís true, but deep down he, and all creators (good creators) do it for the satisfaction. The satisfaction of knowing they put out something they enjoy, and hopefully a couple people out there enjoy it as well. Thatís what I really like about this book, itís a guy whose loved comics his entire life. It shows that there is a market (no matter how small) out there for the little guys. All you have to do is be dedicated to your idea and you can make it work.

Final Word:
Like I said, Iím not quite sure where Jason is from, Iím thinking somewhere in Florida because he mentions the state in his Introduction. What Iím guessing is this book is really hard to find. So, I thought Iíd give you the link to check out a sample of the comic, if you enjoy it there is a link to contact Jason (his e-mail address is listed under the ďBlogĒ section of the website), Iím sure heíd be happy to sell you a copy. Iím very much aware that itís probably unprofessional of me to shamelessly promote anotherís comic in such a way, but I really donít care. For anyone who is interested, here isĒ>the link

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