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Metallix #4

Posted: Saturday, June 14, 2003
By: Ray Tate

"Jungle Fevre"

Writer: David Michelinie, Bob Layton
Artists: Ron Lim(p), Bob Layton(i), Moose Baumann(c)
Publisher: Future

The fourth issue of Metallix takes you right into the action on the first page. The team helps innocent scientists cross a snowy tundra while an ominous looking plane strafes near their positions. From the dialogue, you know what has happened before this issue so it's actually stand-alone and in itself quite gripping.

When a new player enters the game, his appearance impresses. The character's body language just emanates arrogance as well as an ambivalent aim, which fits the idea of the character's dubious motives. The character furthermore establishes the kind of world in which the Metallix Team lives. Super-powered people seem to exist but very few do so nobly.

Ron Lim's artwork has strengthened considerably over the years, and this is the issue where he really begins to stretch his creative fingers as well as suit the needs of anatomy and scale. Bob Layton's inks soften the sometimes too sharp angles that was Lim's style, and the artists make a good match.

Storywise, the fourth issue better introduces the team to the readers and explains for what the Metallix suit has been and will be used. The purpose of the suit and the presence of the team drops Metallix squarely into the genre of the Challengers of the Unknown and the Sea Devils.

Like the Challengers and the Sea Devils, the Metallix Team are distinctly characterized and fit specific functions. The team carry out detailed missions, and their less than mercenary attitude makes them more welcome in the arena of extraordinary adventurers.

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