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Mark of Charon #4

Posted: Monday, June 23, 2003
By: Paul Dale Roberts

Creative Force: Tony Bedard, Staz Johnson, Jonathan Glapion, Jason Keith
Publisher: CrossGen

What do we have here? Demonic forces from Hell? I must admit I like the unique look of all of the creatures that are causing havoc in this issue. Lots of great excitement as Javi, Tibian, Brevus, Trocantor and Shrak'ti go about looking for Appolyon.

The CrossGen Universe is huge and with this story I learn that our heroes are in a pocket universe, that could be an extension of Hell, but who knows for sure. Lord Appolyon talks about Earth 10,000 years ago and how he and Charon were sent to Negation space. It is also interesting on how they received their powers and how various people were affected by what is called a transition wave.

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