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Scion #37

Posted: Wednesday, June 25, 2003
By: Paul Dale Roberts

Creative Force: Ron Marz, Jim Fern, Chris Gardner, Eric Guerrero
Publisher: CrossGen

I guess it doesn't mean much to be the Queen of the Raven Dynasty, especially when you have someone like Housemistress Oseer telling you when to get out of bed. She also tells Queen Ylena that she may be the Queen, but she is the one that supervises the Villa. Prince Kort and his men look pretty impressive on their dark horses and wearing the traditional dark Raven clothing.

King Bron is such a jokester, he tells Ylena, that he is not a cruel man, unless forced to be.....ya, right! I was quite surprised to see Prince Kort slay his own brother King Bron!! Yep, it all happens here in Scion #37! Ylena is now a widow......geesh! Imagine that!

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