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Halo & Sprocket #4

Posted: Tuesday, July 8, 2003
By: Page45

Writer/Artist: Kerry Callen
Publisher: Slave Labor

Innocent, joyful - and really rather clever, this title feels like the wit of Scott McCloud combined with the cuteness that is RATCHET & CLANK (err, that's a console game). You've got an angel, a robot and a very cute blonde lady spending most of their waking hours musing on the absurdities of everyday life. In fact when Halo & Sprocket are left to their own devices, there's more than a touch of the old "For Mash Get Smash" commercial to it, as they laugh theirselves senseless at our human silliness.

This issue: spatial awareness ("I have a question for you Katie." "Alright...." "Is it possible to divide the length of [a] distance in half?" "? Yes." "Can you then divide the remaining distance in half?" "Uh-huh." "And how many times can you do that?" "Forever, I guess." "An infinite amount?" ""Yes." "Does it bother you than infinity... fits within a finite distance?"), Art and its connoisseurship, and Cats: highly intelligent or profoundly stupid? Kerry will let you decide...

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