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Planetary Reader

Posted: Tuesday, July 8, 2003
By: Page45

Writer: Warren Ellis
Artist: John Cassady

Publisher: DC Wildstorm

"They killed an entire world... so that they'd have somewhere to store their weapons."

It has, in all honesty, been difficult to get behind Warren's recent, smaller projects (although there's some fine stuff lurking inside the occasionally faltering GLOBAL FREQUENCY), but this is one of those rare things: a must-read for anyone remotely interesting in sci-fi or superhero comics. The artwork alone - breathtakingly majestic; full of space, texture, detail and superbly coloured by Laura DePuy - is worth twice the price of admission. Honestly, it knocks the cack out of Schuiten (), including the architecture.

There are two books out so far, this reprints the next three issues, and the next issue (#16) is now due out in August. The overall idea is that the Planetary crew investigate strange phenomena, the fall-out of various nasty, landings and battles over the last century or more, as Ellis excavates (and occasionally desecrates) comicbook history, plundering it for - and warping it to - his own narrative ends. You may begin to recognise his sources, but as I said, their context is completely new. During the second book there's a gradual coalescence of previous, seemingly unconnected events, into the revelation of the identity and whereabouts of their mysterious Fourth Man. And although that will mean nothing to you until you embark, it means everything to Elijah Snow who's drafted in at the outset, without a full compliment of memories. In this mini-reprint, however: Dreamtime and vampires. So that's an order from Mr. Keast at least.

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