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Green Lantern #166

Posted: Wednesday, July 9, 2003
By: Jason Cornwell

Writer: Benjamin Raab
Artists: Rick Burchett (p), Rodney Ramos (i)

Publisher: DC

When a star explodes consuming the populated planet that orbited it, we see the call is sent out to Green Lantern, as this was not a natural occurrence, but rather it was an attack that was carried out by an unseen evil. As Kyle investigates he learns that the next target is his own solar system, and his efforts to avert the destruction of the Sun are hampered by the arrival of a mysterious villain called the Sanctuary.

For what it is this issue works exceptionally well. In fact I have to say that this issue actually made me sit up and take notice of how well this book managed to hook me in, as the final pages of this issue have to be some of the most exciting action this book has seen in a good long while. Now the dialogue is a bit pedestrian, and to a certain extent so is the big plot that drives this story. However, Benjamin Rabb manages to pull it all together to deliver exactly the type of adventure I had hoped to see Kyle become involved in since he decided to venture into space. This story offers up a big threat capable of destroying entire solar systems, and while having it target Earth so early in the game was a bit convenient, I suspect when the true evil stands revealed we'll likely learn that this wasn't simply Benjamin Raab simply deciding the he would be able to sink the hooks in deeper if he had the threat effective threaten the entire DCU. Of course with the threat about to consume the Sun, simple logic states that Kyle will be able to pull off a victory, but speaking as a seasoned reader, I have to admit that the final pages of this issue do a wonderful job of making one wonder how exactly he'll manage it.

As for the art, Rick Burchett doesn't have the most flashy style out there, and there are moments that could've used a bit more visual punch (e.g. the exploding sun in the opening pages), but for the most part the art tells the story in a clear, exciting manner. The visual design of the villain introduced in the final pages is pretty solid as well.

Final Word:
I really didn't expect to enjoy this issue as much as I did, but I have to say that as I made my way through this issue I grew more & more impressed by how well Benjamin Raab managed to build up the tension, and by the time the final pages of this issue rolled around I have to say I was fully invested in the material. The book is a very solid example of how keeping it simple can actually be quite effective, as the villains are nicely defined, and the basic threat isn't overly complex. Now there is some room for a couple of plot twists, as I'm not sure I fully trust the group that Kyle allied himself with, but the introduction of the real villain in the final pages would seem to draw the focus away from them, and over to a more tangible threat. A very exciting issue, and I highly recommend it for any one looking for a good, old fashioned space adventure where the stakes are set at a ridiculously high level.

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