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Looney Tunes #105

Posted: Friday, August 8, 2003
By: Ray Tate

"Fume Service"
"Fast and Break Bed"
"Rapid Rabbit Roaster"
"Flee 'Em in the Museum"

Writers: Bill Matheny; Earl Kress; Scott Cunningham
Artists:David Alvarez;Leo Batic(p),Mike DeCarlo;Rueben Torreiro;Scott McRae(i), Dave Tanguay(c)
Publisher: DC

"Fume Service" as one may expect involves the pursuit of le petit d'chat by infamous and stinky would be lover Pepe Le Pew. I've always felt that this character would be the most difficult to write since his cartoons are the most dependent on a strict formula. The last time I have seen novelty in the chase is the ultrarare episode where Pepe mistakenly pursues a black panther rather than Colette, the hapless kitty of the cartoon series.

Bill Matheny does introduce some originality in the classic skunk-meets-cat-cat-skitters-for-clean-air-routine. The tennis scene exhibits Pepe's cool nature. The brief scene involving a statue conveys the power of his scent. The panel where our kitty finds herself "ze main course" offers a little harmless naughtiness to Pepe's quest, and the punchline finds a unique means to thwart his advances.

David Alvarez draws upon the Chuck Jones style to convey the many expressions of repulsion. His treatment of Pepe beautifully captures the character's savoir-faire and mines the sight gags for all they're worth. Tiny Toons fans will once again be amused to see the Clampett Cataract Catastrophe in full bloom.

The three bears never were a favorite, but Earl Kress makes them the victims of Daffy Duck in the second story. The story borrows from a Fawlty Towers' episode. The result is a deliciously funny twist on the classic John Cleese/Connie Booth script. Leo Batic's art was much sharper for Pinky and the Brain. In this story he assumes the style of the cartoon which was more bombastic rather than fuzzy and subtle.

"Rapid Rabbit Roaster" is a two page comedy by Mr. Matheny and Mr. Alvarez which has Wile E. Coyote, "Genius" paying a hopefully murderous visit to Bugs Bunny. Warner Brothers made three of these cartoons, and each one's humor brings tears to the eyes. You cannot expect much in two pages, but the creative minds manage to make you laugh and capture the spirit of these two equally matched adversaries. Wile E. Coyote's arrogance not his intelligence fouls him up.

Last but not least we have a classic paring between Bugs and Elmer. Scott Cunningham uses the Pismo Beach excuse well, and his setting invigorates the Bugs/Elmer duel.

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