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Starr Security Service #2

Posted: Thursday, August 14, 2003
By: Paul Dale Roberts

Writers: Floyd Choat & Johnny Gonzales
Artist: Floyd Choat

Publisher: Johnny Gonzales
Contact Information: or

Move over Mannix. Move over Columbo. Move over Simon & Simon. Move over Magnum P.I.! There are two new private investigators in town and their names are Starr and Rourke and the two of them are Starr Security Service. I love the characters! Rourke is a dog nosed detective, but when he goofs off he enjoys reading the comic section of the newspaper and pretends he is researching a news article around Starr. Starr knows Rourke too well.

There is some great humor in the story. Rourke refers Starr as the one with the big chest. I do admit Starr has the chest of Dolly Parton. Their client is R.A. Worthington, Publisher of Raw Publications (an X-rated magazine) and he wants his daughter back. Rourke and Starr take on the case and they flip a coin to see who will be placed on the stake-out at the Bar-T-Bar. Rourke is quite the character, he may be a good detective, but he can't seem to get names straight. He confuses names with Dirk for Turk and Betty for Becky.

Interesting drama, as the daughter is involved in a get rich scheme that involved her own fake kidnapping. The father of this girl is very protective of her and didn't want the police involved and wants to renege on the payment. Luckily Starr Security Service has a lawyer and his name is.........Matt Murdock. Oh ya, the very same Matt Murdock aka Daredevil throwing the Starr Security Service in a direct crossover with Marvel's Daredevil! Now ain't that cool?

I made a phone call to a private investigator I know, his named is Sam Diamond and he was featured in the 1976 movie: "Murder by Death".

Paul: Sam, I faxed you over a copy of Starr Security Service, did you enjoy this comic book?
Sam: Yes, I did. In fact I worked with Starr Security Service on a money laundering case that actually took us to Cuba.
Paul: I didn't know that. Do you recommend this comic book?
Sam: Yes, of course, it's an excellent fun read and has great drama. Masterful artwork and the story flows to an exciting climax.
Paul: Well, thanks for the review, can I ask you something?
Sam: Sure Paul, go ahead.
Paul: In the movie "Murder by Death" weren't the greatest detectives gathered in that movie truly Charlie Chan, Nick Charles of the Thin Man Series, Hercule Poirot, Miss Marple and aren't you really Sam Spade?
Sam: We are composites of these great detectives and have learned many skills from them, henceforth the similar names that we have taken on. I actually took lessons in sleuthing from Sam Spade himself and have become a great detective in my own right, just not as famous as Sam Spade.
Paul: Well, that concludes the interview, thank you Sam for taking your time and talking with me on the phone.
Sam: Not a problem kid. Goodbye. Oh, one more thing, I wish you would have not said...'move over Columbo', because Columbo is a very close friend of mine.
Paul: Sorry about that Sam.
Sam: It's okay kid, we all learn from our mistakes.


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