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Kiss #11

Posted: Thursday, August 14, 2003
By: Paul Dale Roberts

Writer: Mike Baron
Artists: Mel Rubi (p), Derek Fridalfs (i)

Publisher: Dark Horse Comics

You never know what to expect with Kiss, and Kiss #11 was filled with surprises. Right from the beginning as a huge monster falls upon a car that is playing loud music from the auto-boom box. Even though the driver is slaughtered, it was still kind of humorous because his loud music annoyance has finally ended in such a bizarre way. I didn't hear the song..."it's raining men", but a cry from the streets echoes..."it's raining monsters".

Strange twists as people have been infected with alien DNA. It was great seeing Mr. Speed come to the rescue. Mr. Speed has his own charisma and I have grown somewhat attached to this character. It was nice seeing the little boy named Chad recruited into the Kiss Army as a corporal. Even though this was all done on an unofficial basis, the little boy was awe struck with the idea.

The story of creatures being squeezed into a wormhole and falling into our dimension, sort of reminds me of the Mothman saga that supposedly really did occur in which numerous books have written about this odd phenomenon and Fortean Times has countless articles on this incident. Not to mention a movie "The Mothman Prophecies" was based on this incident. Christine is quite the character, she is infactuated with the Demon and thinks that The Beast King stinks. The Kiss legend continues with this excellent series!

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