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Ruse #22

Posted: Saturday, August 16, 2003
By: Ray Tate

Writer: Scott Beatty
Artists: Butch Guice(p), Mike Perkins(i), Frank D'Amata(c)
Publisher: CGE

Drenched in Frank D'Amata's nocturnal colors, Ruse relates an almost perfect comedy of errors involving the League of Aggrieved Manservants in their war against Partington's Sherlock Holmes Simon Archard. Along the way, the readers enjoy a tour of Simon's new digs.

The Laurel and Hardy team of operatives Lepton and Grillin return with an unwitting style that thwarts the ploys of their team-leader that is when he does not do the deed himself. The writers and artists use Simon's props inventively, and one such ue involves a cunning bit of "tomfoolery" when Simon emphasizes the realiability and accuracy of a stolen pistol from his armory.

The story strengthens the relationship between Simon and Emma. She however briefly gains more of Simon's confidence an descends deeper into the bowels of his headquarters; that's not a euphemism.

While drawn with ever lush care and original in its conveyance of humor, while plotted thoroughly and with expert timing and characterized attentively, this issue of Ruse ends on an unappealing note that keeps the story from being a perfect gem. The tragedy befalling one of the characters does not provide impact, nor does it make the story better. Rather, the scene is out of place and nothing else.

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