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Wonder Woman #195

Posted: Sunday, August 24, 2003
By: Paul Brian McCoy

ďThe MissionĒ

Writer: Greg Rucka
Artist: Drew Johnson(p), Ray Snyder(i)

Publisher: DC

Itís Jonah McCarthyís first day working at Wonder Womanís embassy and we all get to see what goes on behind the scenes on a typical day.

This is good. Rucka does what Rucka does best, from my experience, and thatís establish the world in which our heroes live before diving into the perspective of our heroes themselves. Of course, thereís a vocal group of fans out there who seem to think that if characters other than the main protagonist are developed in a title, it heralds the end of mankind or some such nonsense. People just need to get a grip. Yeah, we only actually see Wonder Woman for the final page or two, but thatís this issue. The writing is tight and the supporting cast is well defined in what seem like casual asides. Iíll admit right now that I havenít read an issue of Wonder Woman since I was a child, so I donít know who any of these people are. And you know what? It doesnít matter. This was a good issue and made me want to read more. Just like Ruckaís Wolverine series over at Marvel, we have a clearly defined world and our title character has a clearly defined place in it. I canít wait to see where this goes.

The artwork is beautiful as well, complimenting the realism of the storytelling without gimmicks or exaggeration. Johnsonís ability to capture expression is reminiscent of Kevin Maguireís Formerly Known as the Justice League work, and thatís always a good thing. I was never bored, even though most of the story this month is a series of talking heads, board rooms and soldiers waiting for something to happen. The only problem I had with this issue was the fact that the color palate is fairly dark. Trish Mulvihill gives us some nice work with light sourcing and shading, but everything seems as though it is in heavy shadow, but that may be a combination of muted colors and lower-quality paper.

Final Word:
Iíve never liked this book. There, now you know. Bring in Greek gods, ditch her memory, do what you want, I never cared. It was always boring. This is the first time I want to read more about Wonder Woman, and she isnít even in bondage once! Thatís good writing!

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