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Reign of the Zodiac #1

Posted: Saturday, August 30, 2003
By: Ray Tate

Writer: Keith Giffin
Artists: Colleen Doran(p), Bob Wiacek(i), Lovern Kindzierski(c)
Publisher: DC

Reign of the Zodiac is a strange one. There cannot be two more mismatched creative teams. Colleen Doran is known far and wide as the respected author/artist of A Distant Soil one of the original indies that challenged Elfquest and Cerebus in popularity. When describing her artwork, the words delicate and gossamer come to mind. She was an innovator of black and white art noveau when the movement had long since passed.

Inker Bob Wiacek and colorist Lovern Kindzierski fit her style like a pair of opulent, satin gloves, but and it's a but as big as the cheeks that daintily hang from Jennifer Lopez's body, she's partnered by Keith Giffin.

If you never encountered Keith Giffin's artwork or writing before, you clearly have just shot out of the womb. He's the guy who introduces Kono to the Legion of Super Heroes by having her phase through the wall separating her from Ultraboy's shower. This is the card who created the short-lived Heckler. This is the guy who shot a drunken Ultraman parody into a Godzilla parody's ghoulies. He's the joker behind "One Punch!" and the Streptococcal Commandos from Vext. What on earth--or away from the earth--is he doing writing Reign of the Zodiac? Better still what is he doing working with Colleen Doran whose artwork is too willowy to withstand his rapier wit? I'm sue that all of the creative minds behind Reign of the Zodiac have an answer that no doubt would be followed with "And...loving it."

Reign of the Zodiac is a strange experience. The loquacious Keith Giffin's narration often makes you burst out laughing, and Colleen Doran's artwork makes you stop to say "Oooo, that's pretty." It's one of the more goofy collaborative efforts I've seen, and yet it works beautifully.

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